State Boards of Physicians are requiring more doctors to take the SPEX (Special Purpose Examination) than ever before. This exam is unfair to practicing physicians and has a failure rate requiring physicians to take the test two, three or more times. According to Federation of State Board literature, that concoct this exam, physicians reading general literature during the course of their practices should have no problem passing. The latter statement is far from the truth and misrepresents the true nature of this exam. SPEX covers more than 12 subjects and touches upon areas of subject matter that many physicians have not seen since their medical school days. Medical Boards generally do not provide guidance or information to help their physicians through this exhausting exam. For those of you who have been picked out of a literal hat to take this exam there is help.

Mark Davis MD is well versed in the contents of this exam. Dr. Davis has helped many in their studies towards a passing grade. Physicians who have come under his tutelage had previously utilized improper study material on the market that was either outdated and or completely outside the contents of the SPEX test. Dr. Davis will review the subject matter of this exam with the prospective test taker and discuss specific questions that have appeared on prior exams. Look for his book on Amazon why Tutors are all important to help pass the SPEX. To contact Dr. Mark Davis: 410-515-7858 or platomd@gmail.com or through medicalboardusa.com

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