Beaten in Court Maryland Board of Physicians Hides Their Loss from the Public

Beaten in Court Maryland Board of Physicians hides their loss from the Public

Absent from this once great newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, was the win by Doctor Mark Geier against the Maryland Board of Physicians (Board) in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County (case# 371761 civil division). In his Opinion Judge Ronald Rubin sliced and diced the Board of Physicians for breach of medical privacy, for providing an array of false testimony to the court, failing to preserve emails, providing false witness concerning these emails and utilizing the Board’s legal machinery to deprecate a physician in the public domain.

Judge Rubin stated in his opinion: “If their (referring to the Board) testimony were to be believed, which the court does not, it is the worst case of collective memory amnesia in the history of Maryland government and on par with the collective memory failure on display at the Watergate hearings.” Judge Rubin was not aware of the Board’s history of corruption through suppressing evidence, utilizing legal chicanery and cherry-picking regulations to remove unpopular physicians from practice.

Baltimore Sun archives contain a series of articles hostile to Doctor Mark Geier. Yet not one word of the Board’s defeat in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Beyond the archives this intrepid reporter attempted to contact several editors at the Baltimore Sun for an explanation why Judge Rubin’s opinion was not published on or about December 2017. Silence was the only answer I received. Perhaps this selective reporting is business as usual between a State of Maryland administrative agency and a newspaper that should have folded long ago.

Judge Rubin’s toxic decision against the Board is now on appeal in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Fourteen members of the Board, the Board’s lead attorney and its chief investigator were ordered to pay a total of 2.5 million dollars to Dr. Geier and his family. The current court, where this appeal is to be heard, is well-known for falling on the sword for the Board of Physicians. Facts do not matter to the Appeals’ judges only political loyalties and agendas. This court is well known for legislating from the bench.

A majority of physicians in Maryland are not aware of the Board’s irreverent behavior, as noted by Judge Rubin. Baltimore Sun’s blackout of this case is both sad and expected for this left ring rag. Worse none of the major radio stations covered this trial or Judge Rubin’s final opinion. Therefore, it is a moral imperative to inform the public, especially the physician community, the Maryland Board of Physicians is tainted from the top down requiring inspection, realignment and reconstruction by those empowered to do so. More to come.

Mark Davis, MD healthcare-medicine-law-legal-system-moral-dilemma-government-justice-62882369

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